The Killers : Mr Brightside

It's indie rock'n'roll for us...

While the FBI investigate reports that [a]The Killers[/a] are secretly [a]Shed Seven[/a] in black leathers (the Nevada-via-Yorkshire singing voice, the hints of gospel bombast and the album track called [I]”Indie Rock’n’Roll”[/I] led to a hundred agents making dawn raids this morning shouting, [I]”Come on out Witter, we have you surrounded! “[/I]), let’s frug like rutting rhinos to this rage-ravaged roar of re-released Psychedelic Fury. Concerning the Othellonian trauma scenario of watching some other git pull the girl you fancy, ‘Mr Brightside’ is

[a]Idlewild[/a] being chased through ‘Pretty In Pink’ by a psychotic [a]U2[/a] and the highlight of an album that’s threatening to make stinky old ‘indie’ cool again, as long as it’s dressed like a dead James Dean and can shuffle poker chips one-handed. It’ll burn the disco down. As it were.

Mark Beaumont