…Baby One More Time

It's likely you don't remember [a]18th Dye[/a]....

It’s likely you don’t remember [a]18th Dye[/a]. Fairly nondescript lo-fi types, shambled over from Denmark and Germany, made three albums of stop-starty stuff that inhabited the same noise-pop galaxy as AC Acoustics… Any takers?

Didn’t think so. Actually, more than a few people [I]do [/I]remember given the trio’s very nearly sold-out reformation gig at London’s Garage the other week, but five years on from their split, ‘Left’‘s collection of odds’n’sods – this is no ‘Best Of’ – is unlikely to win many posthumous converts. ‘Only Burn’ and ‘F*4’ are skull-shuddering examples of how Sonic Youth would sound if they got in touch with their bubblegum side – 18th Dye’s inherent appeal – but the remainder of ‘Left’ is too often riddled with cover versions (the Xfm-playlisted romp through ‘It Feels Like I’m In Love’ by ’70s disco trash queen, Tina Marie), demos (um, too many to list) and Too Many Others that ended up on a flexi-disc from [I]Groovy Hairclip, Ja? [/I]fanzine.

[a]18th Dye[/a] split in 1994, some of them ended up in the tragically overlooked Wuhling (now also defunct, of course) and the rest is, well, the rest can be found here. Neophytes are directed towards the ace Albini-produced ‘Tribute To A Bus’. Only obsessives will gobble up ‘Left’.