Live Review: Odd Future

T In The Park, Scotland, July 9th

No set this weekend crackles with the promise of controversy or car-crash like this one. For the past couple of months, it seems like everyone’s had something to say about [a]Odd Future[/a], but chances to see them in the flesh have been few. You’d think that plenty would come to see what all the fuss has been about, and more fuss is what they’ll be expecting. Five minutes before they’re due onstage, though, only a modest gathering congregates. Out the back, [a]Odd Future[/a] look unmotivated by the lack of welcome awaiting.

But fatigue is cast aside as Left Brain gallops on, leading the crowd in chants of “Wolf Gang!” before telling them to “shut the fuck up”. Tyler (still on crutches having broken his foot in San Diego) winks at a weary Domo Genesis, and the rest of the band burst onto the stage like the contents of a paper cannon. The momentum can’t quite be maintained from that thrilling opening bounce, sadly; Tyler sits on a fold-up chair for the most part (he’s been tweeting that he’s worried about really fucking his broken foot if he doesn’t rest it), and Left Brain must lead the offensive.

After a lacklustre start, it’s a bottle thrown at the start of [b]‘French’[/b] that gets everyone really riled. It ricochets to Tyler’s right and someone throws it right back into the crowd – it’s hard to tell who in the kerfuffle. Bottles begin to pelt the whole stage, and Left Brain looks pumped – he’s a one-man Pong, leaping left and right trying to deflect missiles (including wellies), and hurling nearly full bottles back into the crowd. A security official comes over to tell [a]Odd Future[/a]’s manager that they have to stop throwing stuff because they’re damaging equipment; he shrugs, but eventually capitulates and sneaks onstage to deplete Left Brain’s arsenal. The group instigate a chant of “kill people…” before Tyler’s ‘Radicals’, Left Brain spitting, “We ain’t playing your motherfucking game here.”

Finally, they all trail off, leaving just Left Brain behind. He punches the air, then hurls his microphone behind him, leaving it broken on the floor. They still have 20 minutes left, but [a]Odd Future[/a] are not coming back. That’s certainly the ‘fuss’ box ticked, anyway. Later, back online, Tyler’s the picture of oddly capitalised glee: “This Scottland Show Was Awesome”, he tweets, and then “Kid Got A Black Eye Out here In Scotland, With A Smile”. Grinning dumbly into the face of a confusing, wilful conflict? [a]Odd Future[/a] all over.

Laura Snapes