Album review: Oen Sujet – ‘Life Given To Quiet Places’

Potentially interesting melange allowed to descend into dog's breakfast

Coming off like some synth-prog soundtrack to a bunch of clowns going shopping, ‘Life Given To Quiet Places’ is a wilfully obtuse beast. Packed full of abstract musical phrases and meandering rhythms and textures, the Montreal-based three-piece may be lauded by the clued-in likes of Ladyfest, but sadly Julie-Blanche Taillon’s honeyed vocals can’t save their debut from being a dislocated disaster. There are fleeting moments of beauty, such as the rousing gang vocals on ‘Bird And Binocular’, but ultimately it tends to repeat like last night’s pizza. With a great producer this could’ve soared to the stars, but in its current form it’s an unsatisfying effort for all concerned.

[B]Edwin McFee[/B]

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