OFF! – ‘OFF!’

Snarlingly pissed off and inanely entertaining

With its instantly familiar Raymond Pettibon artwork, OFF!’s caustic, brain-blasting debut chucks you back to the Black Flag-helmed glory days of West Coast punk before you’re slammed against the wall by its grubby thrashing. It’s fitting, as this LA four-piece is a hardcore hall of fame, with members of Circle Jerks, Rocket From The Crypt, Burning Brides and Redd Kross in its ranks. Buckled together by 16 muscular but brief tracks – most loiter around the one-minute mark and many are significantly shorter – it’s a bolshie, unapologetic barrage of electroshock rock’n’roll that’s as snarlingly pissed off as it is inanely entertaining. OFF! might be a one-trick pony, but they don’t dare give you enough time to complain about it. There’s also something mighty pleasing about hearing a 56-year-old yelling alongside jackhammer drums on tracks with names like ‘Toxic Box’ and ‘Feelings Are Meant To Be Hurt’ and not sounding like your dad doing Sham 69 at karaoke.

Leonie Cooper



  • Record label: Vice
  • Release date: 07 May, 2012

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