Album review: Oneida – ‘Rated O’

Strange to the power of lots

It’s interesting enough that Oneida spent the first decade of their

existence being a so-so rock band before transforming into a mind-blowing

vessel of the spectacular, like Supergrass waking up one morning as Led

Zeppelin. Then if you consider the partial insanity that has led them to

release the second instalment of their interstellar psych-rock triptych

‘Thank Your Parents’, which is in itself a treble album, well, that really

is something. But the fact that this mad man’s breakfast is actually nothing short of jaw-dropping should be the cause of spontaneous mass copulation in the streets. Opener ‘Brownout In Lagos’ explores the territory between dubstep, ragga, Spacemen 3 and Hawkwind. And then it really gets strange…

John Doran

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