Album review: Operator Please – ‘Gloves’ (Brille)

Maturity doesn't suit everyone

If ‘Yes Yes Vindictive’ went bazonkers on Skittles and capered around doing its best Karen O impression, then ‘Gloves’ sees [a]Operator Please[/a] laying off the E numbers to dig a little deeper into the dressing-up box. With a line-up change, some very NSFW photos and their teenage years behind them, very occasionally the Aussie quintet execute a stroke of brilliance, like ‘Logic’, a fierce face-off between The Go-Go’s and [a]Devo[/a]. However, it’s hard not to miss the unadulterated spunk of their debut when the alternative is predominantly so bland it could be any over-emoting synth peddlers hiding behind the costumes.

Laura Snapes