Orchestra Of Spheres – ‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain’

'Vibration Animal Sex Brain' is joss stick-scented, silver foil-wrapped space funk

New Zealand isn’t just about precocious chart-ruling teenagers with Kate Bush hair, y’know. It’s also about gifting the globe with some joss stick-scented, silver foil-wrapped space funk. Orchestra Of Spheres’ unhinged second album might be a confusing listen for those under the influence of anything weaker than a fieldful of shrooms, but the buzzing ‘Bogan In The Forest’, with its nods to 1970s Turkish prog, should work for those in possession of a particularly wonky mindset. The more conventional disco fuzzbox of ‘Might Over Might’ boasts a frisky climax, which is no surprise seeing as the band utilise a homemade instrument called a ‘sexomouse marimba’. File in the post-midnight playback folder.

Leonie Cooper

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