Owen Pallett – ‘In Conflict’

US indie's violinist-for-hire adds hints of sci-fi to the gothic aura of his fourth solo record

Owen Pallett has become a pivotal figure in the 21st Century arthouse baroque scene. He’s worked with Beirut, Arcade Fire, The Last Shadow Puppets and Grizzly Bear and he has pioneered the use of live loops in the last decade, building entire orchestras out of a solitary violin. His fourth solo album mingles gothic strings and sci-fi gloops and glitches to create a record that sounds destined to soundtrack the 2025 coronation of King James Blake I (‘Chorale’), his Silver Jubilee rave (‘Song For Five & Six’, ‘Infernal Fantasy’) and his inevitable dramatic assassination plots (‘The Passions’, ‘The Riverbed’). It’s a deeply personal business too, Pallett discussing everything from his drug intake to having sex to The Smiths. Compulsive and conflicted.

Mark Beaumont



  • Record label: Domino
  • Release date: 26 May, 2014