Album Review: Owl City – ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’

Soppy nostalgia that bares little else

It’s been eight years since the release of [a]The Postal Service[/a]’s ‘Give Up’, and we’ve still got wannabes channeling their inner Gibbard while vying for the title of most emotionally over the top. [a]Owl City[/a]’s no different with his gooey, nostalgic third offering that once again drips with saccharine-sweet sentimentality, the musical equivalent of overhearing tweens wax poetic at the mall.

Attempts at “stirring” imagery (‘Angels’, ‘Honey And The Bee’) to articulate the thoughts of a man in love find you wondering if throwing grenadine on the record player might get the point across more quickly.

Anne T Donahue

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