Album review: Paloma Faith – ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ (Epic)

Burlesque pop with less weight than a feather fan

To ignore that gut reaction and give this album a fair crack of the whip is to indulge a delusion… it’ll be three quid in Asda by December. Our latest protagonist doesn’t snarl or rant, in fact she barely grimaces as she propounds her Botoxed sentiment, and if she really did write 200 songs for this record the cutting-room floor should be concreted over like Chernobyl. This time the Mickie Most-omatic (phasers set to Winehouse) has dredged up someone so inauthentic she makes [a]Duffy[/a] look like [a]Johnny Cash[/a]. This is drenched in vagaries of freedom, love and truth: a language we’ve heard too many times. It might look like chocolate but trust us, it’s shit.

Rebecca Robinson

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