Album review: Passion Pit

Chunk Of Change

Facts about this album:

Passion Pit first came to fame in Boston after passing out copies of ‘Chunk Of Change’, initially a belated Valentines’ gift to friends and acquaintances.

Although he wrote and recorded ‘Chunk Of Change’ himself, Angelakos has since expanded Passion Pit into a five-piece band including Ian Hultquist, Ayad Al Adhamy, Jeff Apruzzese and Nate Donmoyer. They’re currently working on a full-length debut.

The song ‘Sleepyhead’ on ‘Chunk Of Change’ contains samples of ‘Oro Mo Bhaidin’ by Irish harpist Mary O’Hara.

Album review:

Homemade gifts rock. Who wants another christing DVD when you can have a pasta necklace, a mixtape or a dead bird? Or, like the girlfriend of PP’s Michael Angelakos two Valentine’s’ ago, this self-produced EP. From the ABC-meets-Hot Chip fizz of ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ to the Pokémon-cute ‘Cuddle Fuddle’ via the Friendly Fires rush of ‘Sleepyhead’, this beatific bpmfest amps expectation giddily high for the Boston five-piece’s debut proper, and really is the gift that keeps on giving. Emily Mackay

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