Peace – ‘EP Delicious’

Peace have nailed it with their clever, confident and ambitious EP

The cover of ‘Delicious’ shows a picture of half a watermelon cut into shapes that strongly resemble the international sign for peace. It looks right juicy, and hints at the tropicalness lurking in the four Peace tunes within. Opener ‘Ocean’s Eye’ is two minutes of Pulp at their creepiest and randiest, but twisted into something roguish and chaotic. ‘Bloodshake’’s guitars and bongo-infused drums are as colourful as a pineapple, papaya and mango salad, and give way to singer Harry Koisser demanding “Spit blood at the sun, spit blood in the ocean”. ‘California Daze’, meanwhile, is a softer love song about a girl who “tastes like sunlight”. But most impressive of all is ‘1998 (Delicious)’, on which the Brummie quartet take Binary Finary’s trance classic of the same name and turn it into a post-rock monster that’s 10 million times more exciting than any Explosions In The Sky song ever. It builds and teases before bursting into an earful of cymbals and wailing its way to a messy finale. Clever, confident, ambitious. All of it.

Tom Howard

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