Album Review: Picastro – ‘Become Secret’

The soundtrack to the beginning of the end

We’ve got the apocalypse all wrong. There’ll be no devastation or nomadic hordes of men gnawing babies’ toes. Instead humanity will peter out with a whimper. In the final days, small pockets will remain, and their final laments of our history will sound something like [b]Picastro[/b]. Haunting mantras [b]‘Split Head’[/b] and [b]‘A Dune A Doom’[/b] are all mournful chanting piano that rumbles on the edge of a tune, broad brushstrokes of cello and guitar plucked with the weariness of imminent doom, sung by the deathly Liz Hysen, her vocals an unholy wedding of hippy nihilism and goth. End-time celebrating religious nutbars won’t be finding much eternal hope here, but for everyone else, a perfect soundtrack to the approaching void.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]

here to buy your copy of Picastro’s ‘Become Secret’ from the Rough Trade shop.


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