Album Review: Piney Gir – ‘Geronimo!’

It's kind of like gonorrhoea

There’s a very fine line between twee and twaddle and Angela Penhaligon is walking it with decidedly wonky balance. The Kansas native may have made a name for herself as the ‘talented’ one from extinct foghorns The Schla La Las, but with tracks such as the insipid ‘Oh Lies’, standards seem to have slipped somewhat. On ‘The Gift’ Penhaligon whines “I have a gift that just keeps on giving” but it would seem that something’s got lost in the post. Much like gonorrhoea, ‘Geronimo!’ is something of an embarrassment. It’s not quite pop enough to dance to, and almost shlock-country enough to make you give up listening to music altogether.

Ash Dosanjh

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