Album review: POS

Never Better

Originally a rap-shunning schoolboy punk, with beaty third album ‘Never Better’, POS, aka Stefon Alexander, has done much better than NERD’s laboured attempts as hip-hoppers with rockist souls, or Beastie Boys’ back-to-’92 and ‘real instruments’ ‘The Mix-Up’. Well aware of the mixed lineage, he drops Public Enemy, Kanye and Fugazi references while unleashing perfect hip-hop radio fodder ‘Goodbye’. ‘Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty)’, meanwhile, is a hip-hop/Oi! crossover to get Slaughter & The Dogs baying for more. Even if it gets a bit bedroom experimentalist, POS is Buck 65 with balls, and has more ideas and soul in one cut than an entire Fiddy wet shit.

Jason Draper

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