MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour: On the Road with Pull Tiger Tail

MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour winner spends a week touring with the Tigers

Standing in a venue where the kids are wearing tiger masks isn’t your average gig-going experience. Not unless you have an irrational fixation with all things feline. It is however, the complete norm if it’s Pull Tiger Tail that you’re going to see.

Spending a week on the MySpace Bleep Bleep Tour with the three guys from New Cross proved to be an eye-opener. Not only did I have no idea what went on in a tour bus before now, but I also never knew how much you could look forward to reading a sign saying “Service Station two miles”!

Kicking off with a sell-out night at London’s ULU, supported by the outrageously camp I Say Marvin, neon new ravers Hadouken! and gritty funkster Ali Love, PTT headlined an energy-fuelled gig, albeit occasionally ducking from a supportive pelting of glowsticks.

Vigorously dynamic onstage it was strange to associate these three with the massively hyperactive, entertaining, cheese enthusiasts that they are when back on the road. Grrrr!

In the dates following at Sheffield, Nottingham and Glasgow, flight cases were lugged across the country, riders were sampled and soundchecks were sat through.

Marcus (vocals/guitar), Davo (bass/vocals) and Jack (drums) presented the crowd with a set more catchy than the common cold, often starting with ‘Mr 100%’ and drawing to a close with new single ‘Let’s Lightening’.

PTT are anything but standard and their offstage antics reflect this. Admittedly they’ve never thrown a TV out of the window (who’d actually want to? Far too much like hard work), but one night on tour someone took an instant disliking to a hotel Bible, which somehow found itself outside on the verge by morning.

Touring with the Tigers was fiercely funny but superseded by the experience of seeing them onstage in their natural habitat.

Confident, intelligent and entertaining it looks like it might be some time before these wild boys are tamed.

Charlie Franks

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