Pure Love, ‘Bury My Bones’

One hell of a sea change

By jove, it’s Frank Carter clad in a natty suit! With his tattoos just peaking out from underneath his shirt collar, no less. But it’s not just the sight of the former Gallows frontman sporting tailored garb that’s evidence that we’re being ushered into a brave new world, here, as we get out first proper taste of his new project, Pure Love.

After all the pre-match talk beforehand, then – including Frank’s bold boasts to NME that he wanted to “make music that’s timeless and classic” and “be a popular band” – it’s an almighty relief to hear that ‘Bury Your Bones’ is one hell of a sea change.

There’s huge stadium-sized drums, some brutally buffered production courtesy of Foo Fighters and Pixies knob-twiddler Gil Norton, and a monster guitar riff that’s a tad reminiscent of – whisper it – The Darkness, of all people. And as for Frank himself? “I’m so sick of singing about hate,” he bellows as an opening gambit. “It’s never going to make a change.” That’s not disillusionment or tired cynicism talking, though: it’s the sound of a man firmly grabbing the future by its lapels and giving it a good ol’ shake up.

Ben Hewitt



  • Director: Gil Norton
  • Record label: Vertigo Records
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