Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘My God Is The Sun’

A comeback as ferocious as we'd hoped it would be

Somewhere out in the desert, with the sun high in the sky, my guide stopped dead and motioned to me to be silent. He crouched and pressed his ear close to the ground. “It’s coming,” he whispered. There was fear in his eyes. We saw him coming over the horizon at the same moment: a strutting ginger man-mountain made of noise and testosterone, his eyes clouded by a narcotic haze. Behind him he dragged the bruised and bloodied bodies of Dave Grohl, Alex Turner and that dude out of Scissor Sisters. The metallic taste of fear turned to adrenaline on my lips. Or, you know, maybe somebody just sent me a YouTube video. Whatevs. Either way, six long years since we last heard a new Queens Of The Stone Age tune, the arrival of ‘My God Is The Sun’ feels like a moment. It shrugs off any weight of expectation it might have felt from the moment it opens with the shake of a maraca, always a sure sign that a band is here for a good time. The track that roars forth is as ferocious as we’d hoped it would be, all driving riffs beneath Josh Homme’s unmistakable croon. What this means for ‘‚ĶLike Clockwork’, due this June, remains to be seen. We do know this: it’s going to get heavy.

Kevin EG Perry, Assistant Editor, NME.COM


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