Album Review: Rise Against – Endgame (DGC/Interscope)

Loud and melodic, striking a perfect balance once again on their sixth studio effort

Considering quite how brilliant their early albums were, that Chicagoan punk trailblazers [a]Rise Against[/a]’s latter-period output is seen as diminishing returns is a trifle unfair. While ‘Endgame’ is no ‘Revolutions Per Minute’ – their ’03 high-water mark – it’s still a hugely exhilarating album.

They’ve grown up, too: fiery opener ‘Architects’ and ‘Survivor Guilt’ show they do pissed-off intelligence better than most; ‘Help Is On The Way’ and the colossal ‘This Is Letting Go’ strike the perfect balance between punk fury and melodic accessibility without losing any of frontman Tim McIlrath’s personality. A fine record from an ever-impressive band.

Rob Parker


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