Album Review: SBTRKT – ‘SBTRKT’

A club worthy debut from Aaron Jerome

Aaron Jerome’s lovely debut is just nocturnal, grubbily narcotic and bass-laden enough for the club, but it’s also too pillow-soft and woozy for it at the same time. Which begs the question: why the crazy, I’m-off-me-rocker-me tribal mask, Aaron? There’s not one track here that will cause any brains to haemorrhage, nor are there any ecstatic and weird enough to awaken any spirits.

What these tracks are, though, are lovingly programmed, laser-dappled, preening – thanks to Sampha’s buttery soul voice – and glossy reduxes of late-’90s two-step and twitchy post-house that should be filed next to [a]James Blake[/a] and [a]Jamie Woon[/a].

Chris Parkin

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