Album Review: Serj Tankian – Imperfect Harmonies (Serjical Strike)

System Of A Drown frontman comes out with guns blazing on a misanthropic sophmore effort

You’d have thought [a]Serj Tankian[/a] would have something to cheer about given the financial crisis, but the Socialist Worker salesman of rock is more misanthropic than ever on ‘Imperfect Harmonies’. “Corporatocracy! What a hypocrisy! Aristocracy verses democracy!” he roars familiarly. With a name that sounds like a conquering war-machine, he’s definitely come out fighting this time, and may yet relinquish the shadow of savage Armenian folk-metal loons [a]System Of A Down[/a] thanks to the schizoid eclecticism here. Mixing the exotic sounds of [a]Laibach[/a], [a]Sparks[/a] and forgotten camp Euro-disco heroes [a]Army Of Lovers[/a], he’s on to a winner even if he feels he’s losing the corporate fight.

Jeremy Allen

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