Album Review: Shabazz Palaces – ‘Black Up’

Gracing the scene with a fresh dose of inventive Hip Hop

Palaceer Lazaro has been charming the slacks off the blog elite for the last 12 months. On his Sub Pop debut, he’s sliced off the excess, preachy rhetoric for something inventive, bold and brilliantly fresh.

Distressed, [a]Gang Gang Dance[/a]-like soundscapes and jazzy Erykah Badu-isms illuminate songs like (deep breath) ‘A Treatease Dedicated To The Avian Airess From North East Nubis (1000 Questions, 1 Answer)’ and ‘Are you…Can You…Were You?’. While foraging for meaning in this mixed-up world, he’s casually leap-frogged the likes of [a]Tyler, The Creator[/a] and [a]Wiz Khalifa[/a] in the Most Inventive Hip-Hop Album Of The Year Stakes.

Priya Elan

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