Shitdisco: Reactor Party

Like cramming a party into your ears

Not as hip as Klaxons, or as hot as New Young Pony Club, but there’s not a cool cat alive that doesn’t dig Shitdisco. Crack a disco thizz on their tongue, 3D specs on their nose and a neon cowbell in their hand and nobody in today’s Day-Glo indie scene can get a room throwing collective shapes like this bunch of goons. Darting from your speakers like Scottish heroes Orange Juice cancanning to the KLF, ‘Reactor Party’ is an admirably nonsensical addition to the 2006 Flouro Fury mixtape. It’s a technicolour tsunami of whistles and whirls, a heart-racing, pupil-dilating sugar rush so fun that it’ll be soundtracking hyperactive children’s television programs within the month.

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