Silversun Pickups


So desperate has the music industry become to sell any physical product that they’re now cannibalising, not just their young, but their foetuses too. Re-released to cash in on what could charitably be described as a modicum of chart success, this debut Silversun Pickups EP was recorded and released a mere 12 or so months before their just-about-breakthrough album ‘Caravanas’. Sifting through it for clues as to what would come after is therefore as pointless an exercise as studying a toddler’s first drawings in order to divine what he’ll produce as a four-year-old. For the record, though, it’s evident that the quartet were initially more in thrall to My Bloody Valentine than Billy bloody Corgan, and that catchy choruses were something of a late discovery. But, seriously, what’s next? A box set compiling the songs frontman Brian Aubert belted out in the shower before he joined the band?

Dan Silver

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