Skepta – Doin’ It Again (Boy Better Know/3 Beat) Review

The sound of grime destroying itself

One-time grime talent turned straight-up X Factor standard pop star Skepta can barely be bothered anymore, it seems. ‘Doin’ It Again’ features a lazy and cynical production job – witness Auto-Tune slathered over the cracks like Artex on the walls of a house built too close to a cliff edge.

Beyond the sonics, the lyrics are embarrassingly piss-poor as well. “The game is like a box of Roses/Because when they’re done with the chocolate the rapper gets thrown away”, he spits in a rare moment of insight.

This is the sound of grime destroying itself – not helped by the fact that in the US, Odd Future are making this shit feel , ooh, about 30 years old.

John Doran