Soap&Skin – ‘Narrow’

Jagged edges and claustrophobically intense

Austrian prodigy Anja Plaschg has said that she felt like she “lost herself as a human” after her forbiddingly beautiful debut ‘Lovetune For Vacuum’ made her name two years ago. ‘Narrow’ is claustrophobically intense, and yet this emotional pressure has focused her artistically, her sound honed down to minimal, piano-driven songcraft with irruptions of grating digital noise. The jagged edges are what’s to love here, from the horribly sad beauty of the German language in ‘Vater’, her tribute to her late father, to the hostile, industrial beat of the excellently named ‘Deathmental’ or the glitch-gothic high drama of ‘Big Hand Nails Down’.

[i]Emily Mackay[/i]



  • Record label: PIAS
  • Release date: 19 Mar, 2012