Album Review: Sound Of Rum – ‘Balance’

Mockney dreck, endorsed by Scroobius Pip

[a]Sound Of Rum[/a] frontwoman Kate Tempest has been ringingly endorsed by plum-mouthed ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ rapper [a]Scroobius Pip[/a]. A wily move, as Tempest’s delivery makes Pip’s doggerel seem like Rakim by contrast; imagining [a]Lady Sovereign[/a] tackling [a]Frank Turner[/a]’s worst songs would still be giving this grating, urchinous mockney squawk surplus credit.

Not that a decent MC could have salvaged her lyrics, emblematic of everything bad you heard about poetry slams; moreover, an instrumental album would have revealed naught but a band playing shuffly acid jazz mediocrity. On conclusion, a good reason to defriend anyone who yo-ho-hos in their favour.

Noel Gardner

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