Soundgarden – ‘King Animal’

An exercise in perhaps leaving the past in the past

Chris Cornell’s ill-advised Timbaland-assisted foray into R&B on 2009’s ‘Scream’ may have had you praying desperately for him to bring back Soundgarden, but grunge’s mightiest reunion is an exercise in perhaps leaving the past in the past. In many ways it’s madly impressive, but it’s just a bit saggy. ‘Been Away For Too Long’ is clattering, rugged and alive, and a lot better than the inelegant Avengers Assemble theme tune ‘Live To Rise’ the Seattle legends released in April this year. But it doesn’t last. All those years in Audioslave have smoothed Cornell’s appealingly rough edges, and as grand as ‘King Animal’ occasionally sounds, it lumbers when it should roar.

Dan Martin

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