Splashh – ‘Comfort’

An unexpectedly dark success

This Anglo-Antipodean quartet are often portrayed as lo-fi nuts chasing summer highs, as bands like Mazes or Bos Angeles were before them, but that’s not quite right. Splashh’s debut album, though masked in the tropical hazes of those acts, possesses a heartbroken despondency. This is most evident on ‘Green & Blue’, when frontman Sasha Carlson pines “Where have you gone?” over riffs soaked with tear-stained hopelessness. The record’s more familiar cuts don’t escape unscathed either, and ‘All I Wanna Do’ is rich in bittersweet nostalgia, remembering a relationship’s golden days. This is not the carefree record Splashh were expected to make, but it is all the better for its dourness.

Rhian Daly