Spoek Mathambo – ‘Father Creeper’

More mainstream and significantly odder than their debut

Spoek Mathambo’s debut album, ‘Mshini Wam’, was a strange beast, combining filthy techno, Soweto raps and a pummelling dancefloor cover of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’. Its follow-up is both more mainstream and significantly odder. Mainstream because he’s added rock guitars and big choruses; odder because these rub shoulders with everything from highlife guitar lines to skittering beats. When it works, as on ‘Let Them Talk’, it’s a mongrel-pop joy. When it doesn’t, as on the overloaded ‘Venison Fingers’, it’s a mess. All the same, ‘Father Creeper’ sits along the Die Antwoord album as evidence of some gloriously unusual music coming out of South Africa.

Ben Cardew



  • Director: Marvy Da Pimp
  • Record label: Sub Pop
  • Release date: 12 Mar, 2012