Let’s Get It Together

This Brooklyn band’s debut single works on a variety of levels. For one thing, it makes us want to get drunk, pour beer on our heads, and set ourselves on fire. Yet, the real reason is that it makes every other song ever written sound dull and boring.

You think we’re kidding? No fucking way. Drawing on the same formula that makes the likes of Rocket From The Crypt, Slade and even The Fratellis fun bands to listen to (namely that getting drunk and shouting are two of the most fun things a person can do), this five-piece have written the kind of song that will have you screaming, “Sweet Jesus, thank you for inventing rock’n’roll… It almost makes up for you inventing Johnny Borrell, too.” Whatever your views on creationism are, thank someone for the existence of this tune.

This is a song for people who love rock’n’roll; people who liked the Bay City Rollers, Mud, The Sweet and their glam-rock ilk, but always thought that those bands would sound so much better if they’d had guitars that sounded like mating rhinos and choruses that were more akin to rampaging football hooligans than pop songs. This is a band for fans of good-time, three-chord guitar music; of sharp, smart-ass, punk-pop choruses, and for those who believe that rock’n’roll is ample reward for putting up with living in what is a predominantly crappy world.


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