Album Review: Steel Panther – ‘Feel The Steel’

Everyone loves a joke right? Er, no...

Everyone likes giggling through This Is Spinal Tap once in a while, but does anyone actually like listening to spoof bands? Well, swift as the backlash was, The Darkness proved that, yes, when it’s done with wit, we really do. Clod-hopping in Justin Hawkins’ footsteps with none of the charm, heart or brains, LA spandex-monkeys Steel Panther have earned a huge following through years of taking the piss out of Mötley Crüe and the like onstage. It’d be a laugh to go to one of their shows, sure, if not one you’d be proud of. But only those with a retarded grasp of comedy would want to sit at home and listen to fifth-rate, crass glam-metal parodies with titles such as ‘Asian Hooker’ and ‘Stripper Girl’. An exercise in taking

a joke way too far.

Hardeep Phull

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