Album review: Stevie Nicks – ‘In Your Dreams’

Drippy ballads and gag-worthy soft rock

As the floaty-dress-loving gypsy queen of [a]Fleetwood Mac[/a], [a]Stevie Nicks[/a] commands a war chest of guilty pleasures the size of a small nation.

We’ve all had a good drunken dance to ‘Edge Of Seventeen’ and ‘Little Lies’ in our time but, sadly, ‘In Your Dreams’ is little more than a soggy biscuit next to those veritable Turkish delights, and the presence of erstwhile bandmates Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood does little to help.

Featuring the likes of the mawkish and rather belated ode to ‘New Orleans’, it’s an album full of the sort of drippy ballads and droopy soft rock that should induce an involuntary gag reflex in anyone under the age of 45.

Tom Edwards

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