Album Review: Still Corners – ‘Creatures Of An Hour’

A record that finds intimacy in minimalism

[a]Still Corners[/a] are a band of great beauty; live, the London group surround themselves in dimly lit, elegant cascades of projected white light. But transferring their aesthetic to record, they’ve created a world far beyond their monochrome-tinged performances. Guitars trail delicately over weaving synths, while Tessa Murray’s silky vocals wrap everything in a dreamy kiss. It’s so indulgently seductive it could easily soundtrack a Marks & Spencer advert. On ‘[b]The Winter Season[/b]’, she leans in and coos, “Softly, softer snow, whisper all you know” – it’s less sung, more exhaled, lingering like warm breath in frosty air. ‘[b]Creatures Of An Hour[/b]’ is a record that finds intimacy in minimalism, and lets the space in the music buildto an atmosphere almost as crushing as the audible moments. ‘[b]Endless Summer[/b]’ drifts into hazy oblivion, while ‘[b]Submarine[/b]’ closes the album, its momentum building as the beast in [a]Still Corners[/a] screams through the speakers and rips out our beating hearts.

[i]Jen Long[/i]



  • Director: Greg Hughes
  • Record label: Sub Pop
  • Release date: 10 Oct, 2011