Summer Camp – ‘Summer Camp’

Indie pop meets disco resurgence glory

Farewell to Condale, the ’80s teen-flick soundstage for Summer Camp’s brilliant rom-pop 2011 debut; welcome to the slick ’90s house club of their equally impressive second. Beats crack, throbs rise, synths tinkle, rave pianos mildly pound and Elizabeth Sankey’s candy-floss whinny weaves around pop hooks of a surprisingly troubled hue for a recently married duo – “Pick yourself up off the gravel/Brush off the blood as we unravel”. Instead, their post-marital bliss is in merging indie pop with the Daft Punk disco resurgence: witness the dizzying Kraftwood Mac of ‘Two Chords’ and the funk gleam of ‘Fresh’, which is up all night to get dumped. Glorious.

Mark Beaumont

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