Supreme Cuts – ‘Divine Ecstasy’

Walks the tightrope between underground rap, electronica and R&B

Supreme Cuts are a US production duo of a very modern stripe, walking the tightrope between the increasingly close worlds of underground rap, electronica and R&B. Where debut effort ‘Whispers In The Dark’ explored an ambient wooziness, ‘Divine Ecstasy’ finds them shooting for proper songs with the help of a number of guest vocalists. The chrome-played cry of Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh adds gravitas to the swirling rush of ‘Envision’ while ‘Gone’ is pure Chicago house revival. Elsewhere, though, the album dissipates into a gloopy miasma of recycled beats (‘Dionysus Rising’) and milquetoast vocals (‘Down’). Only the appearance of Barbadian teen rap prodigy Haleek Maul, annotating the grimy ‘ISIS’ with a murky charisma saves Supreme Cuts from slipping completely between the cracks.

David Renshaw

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