Album review: Tara Busch – ‘Pilfershire Lane’

More than just another 'new Kate Bush'

With a penchant for haunting falsetto and woozy melody, ‘Pilfershire Lane’ stakes a fair claim to establishing its creator as Kate Bush for the modern age; ethereal, sinister but strangely sweet. ‘This Is Love’ deals in delicate build-ups and melodramatic choruses, while ‘Get Drunk And Fuck’ is aural schizophrenia; so far, so Kate. The difference between Miss Bush and Miss Busch, however, is that the latter’s obsession for all things technologically offbeat means the pianos of yesteryear become the Mystery Circuits Breadbox Synths of today, resulting in a sound that evokes both wistful Victoriana and futuristic mysticism. Aside from the vapid ‘Superfriends’, it mostly succeeds. The torch has been passed.

Lisa Wright

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