Album Review: Tara Jane O’Neil – ‘A Ways Away’

Unsung heroine of lo-fi indie enchants

Tara Jane O’Neil might not be the most instantly recognisable name in alt.rock, but she’s been involved in some of the most inventive US indie created in its late-’90s/early-’00s halcyon days. The Portland native has helped define the American South’s post-‘Spiderland’ musical identity in the shape of her work with June Of 44 and The Grifters as well as Low and Sebadoh. So it’s no surprise that on her seventh album she’s combined lo-fi elements of math, post-rock, bucolic folk and ambience to create an album of unique, dusky atmospherics. From the sepulchral beauty of opener ‘Dig In’ to the dark ‘Beast, Go Along’, this an album for grimy shadows, haunted barns and thousand year old legends. Like nothing else you’ll hear this year.

Priya Elan

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