Tegan And Sara – ‘Heartthrob’

Proof it’s never too late for a makeover

Call it the seven-album itch. These Canadian twin sisters have been cult favourites since their 1999 debut ‘Under Feet Like Ours’, but suddenly cult isn’t enough – they want to be popstars. So out goes the usual folk-meets-new wave stuff, in comes Lily Allen’s producer Greg Kurstin and big, spangly electro hits. The results could have been messy, but ‘Heartthrob’ is a triumph. ‘I Was A Fool’ and ‘Drove Me Wild’ are instantly brilliant, recalling ABBA and Gwen Stefani, and their lyrics keep us guessing with tangled sheets here, a pouting ex there. Proof it’s never too late for a makeover, and an early contender for pop record of 2013.

Nick Levine