Album review: Teitur

The Singer

Facts about this album:

In his first first three years of playing live, Teitur played 250 shows annually

Teitur means “happy” in Old Norse


US singer John Mayer is a big fan of Teitur and invited him to open his arena tours in America

Album review:

With two thirds of Brooklyn bands sounding like they’ve been transplanted south of the Equator, the idea that location is key to an artistic vision has taken a buffeting. But sloping to its defence is the sublimely gifted Teitur. Hailing from the Faroe Islands, where the views are as humbling as they

are isolating, his graceful melancholia has a careworn heart, burdened by

a lonesome youth spent conjuring the stories he tells on little known but wildly acclaimed albums. Although he left the Faroes years ago, taking heed of his song ‘The Great Book’ (“You have to leave the country to rise again from misery”), Teitur brings the beauty and the blues with him in songs that recall Guillemots, Josh Rouse and a heart-pummelling Sufjan Stevens. Chris Parkin