Album Review: Terror Danjah – Undeniable (Hyperdub)

Despite some big names lending their vocals, Undeniable really shines when there is no voices at all

For its best producers, grime was always more than just a backing track for angry throats to lock barked bars into. With the rise of Bristol’s ‘purple’ crew and early instrumentals now flooding the web, the sound’s hyped, limber clatter has shown its dancefloor worth, and despite the presence here of MCs like D Double E and Bruza, ‘Undeniable’ is at its best when voiceless. So clearly the work of an originator ([a]Terror Danjah[/a]’s influence on UK bass music has been growing since 2001), ‘Undeniable’ is an album whose sullen, dark 
spaces are lit by vivid synths tapering like signal flares, highlight ‘SOS’ wincing with rave-land Morse code.

Kev Kharas

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