Album Review: Terry De Castro – ‘A Casa Verde’

Indie side-woman takes centre stage with lush covers

There’s a sticker on the cover that screams “the first solo album from the bass player of The Wedding Present”. Short of saying something like “the new album from The Enemy”, it’s hard to think of a less appealing selling point. But put your cynicism to one side; this album is a low-key delight that’s not so much ‘Music For The People’ as ‘Music By My Friends’, with De Castro tackling 12 songs written by people she knows. It opens with a version of The Wedding Present’s ‘Dalliance’ – the original’s Steve Albini shapes re-cast as heart-sore country-rock – and goes on to feature a number of should-be-better-known songs by Animals That Swim, Drugstore and De Castro’s former band, Goya Dress.

Nathaniel Cramp

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