Album Review: The Berg Sans Nipple – ‘Build With Erosion’

The French-American duo's debut LP

The ’erb must’ve been strong when The Berg Sans Nipple concocted up that god-awful name. However, shit sixth-form art student band-titling aside, there’s actually a lot to take from the French-American duo’s debut LP. ‘Dead Dinosaurs Rule The Earth’ comes up like [a]Animal Collective[/a] using toy instruments, while ‘Weatherman’ juts along like a skipping [a]Yeasayer[/a] track, pop sensibilities rattled and disorientated.

They pack their well-blogged influences together best on the minimalist percussion-led ‘Sunday Morning,’ though, a new wave/electronica crossover that proves, although they might be lacking teats, their creative juices are nevertheless overflowing.

Simon Jay Catling

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