The British Expeditionary Force

Chapter One: A Long Way From Home

The Postal Service did it. Architecture in Helsinki did it. Indie flick Brick did it. The greatest innovation in making music is happening right under our noses – bandmates bonding over broadband, overcoming postcodes with iChat and Gmail. Now it’s the turn of ex-yourcodenameis:milo guitarist Justin Lockey and My Architects’ vocalist Aid Burrows, who spent the entire recording process for their first release as BEF at opposite ends of the country. In contrast to the mechanical fury of yourcodenameis:milo, BEF are a delicate thing – more Sigur Rós than Saosin. Sure, there’s a little too much reliance on stock laptop cantrips – that familiar twitter which sounds more gimmick than instrument, but Lockey has more than enough other tricks – like the wash of Kevin Shields guitar on ‘Lashing Out’ and the staccato piano tinkle on ‘Throwing Little Stones’ – to thin it out. Bring on Chapter Two, we say.

Mike Sterry

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