The Cardigans

Best Of

Even though their lyrics always sang of crystalline despair, songs such as ‘Sick & Tired’ and ‘Lovefool’ painted The Cardigans as fluffy unny-cuddling Nordic ninnies. This was largely down to the incredible way Nina Persson could plant barely-concealed desperation in the tinniest of chorus lines. As time went by they got more heartbroken and less successful, but gained barrels more soul. So it is that after the sugar-coated hits have rotted your teeth it’s the tear-stained likes of ‘Communication’, ‘You’re The Storm’ and ‘Don’t Blame Your Daughter’ that really endure. After reinvigorating the Manics, Nina’s off doing more solo work (A Camp) and The Cardigans remain on ice. If they never get together again, this whopping

46 tracks is a blinding reminder of a band you never realised you loved. Even if one of them is a song with Tom Jones.

Dan Martin