The Cast Of Cheers – ‘Family’

Boisterous and charming guitar-based oddities

The Cast Of Cheers might just be the perfect band for 2012. A smattering of Everything Everything and hints of BBC, The Maccabees and Two Door Cinema Club sit alongside each other in this Dublin quartet’s DNA. But let’s get one thing straight: The Libs/Strokes/White Stripes they are not. This is drivetime indie, tailor-made to assuredly build its way to the top of a festival slot via good old-fashioned hard work, ‘radio support’ and a few thousand canny TV placements. And what on earth is wrong with that? ‘Family’ is one of the punchiest, most immediate albums we’ve heard all year, packed full of boisterous, charming and downright danceable guitar-based oddities from the chorus of ‘Posé Mit’, which is pure Bloc Party, to the intricacy of ‘Goose’, reminiscent of early Futureheads, and the Foals-gone-goth shuffle that is ‘Marso Sava’. Safe, yes, but by no means stale.

[i]Danielle Reed[/i]



  • Director: Luke Smith
  • Record label: School Boy Error/Co-operative Music
  • Release date: 23 Jul, 2012