The Chapman Family – ‘Cruel Britannia’ EP

Angsty, cliché-free brilliance

The Chapman Family may have gone through several stages of divorce since 2011’s debut LP ‘Burn Your Town’ (only two original members remain), but their doomy post-punk has lost none of its embittered vitriol. ‘No More Tears’ begins in slightly obvious fashion, all angsty vocals and desperately chopped guitars, but in the more shoegaze-inflected ‘Cruel Britannia’ and the not-as-cheery-as-it-sounds ‘Summer Song’ the quintet manage to find a way of keeping the snarl without the cliché. Then there’s a slowed-down, oddly soothing cover of Morrissey’s ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’, which is actually brilliant. A definite progression.

Lisa Wright