Album Review: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Further’ (Freestyle Dust/Parlophone)

Once the masters, now failing to claw their way into the contemporary canon

Seven albums in and Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons might no longer be raving on the most future-facing side of dancefloor, but their way with an effortless arms-in-the-air banger is undisputable. On ‘Snow’, what sounds like the buzz of a dodgy dial-up modem is layered with sweetly serene lady-vox and ‘Horse Power’ offers up an awesome kind of intensely sinister Berlin S&M dungeon disco. The hippified swirling of ‘Dissolve’, however, fails to claw its way into the contemporary canon even with an attempt at an Afro-beat outro while ‘Wonders Of The Deep’’s high is too self-consciously grandiose.

Leonie Cooper

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