Album Review: The Death Set – Michel Poiccard (Ninja Tune)

Funnelling more punch than imaginable with their punk filled gusto

Recently departed guitarist Beau Velasco lives on here in snatches from Pro-Tools sessions. It’s his voice that opens the record and it is his spirit, rather than ‘miss you’ moody introspection, that rules the roost.

This is the sort of chorus-heavy stoopid punk-rock record that makes you want to punch children in their silly faces from the sheer joy of being alive. An inspired choice of producer, [a]Spank Rock[/a]’s XXXchange manages to tame their often rambling sets, and also whacks a fat bottom-end on things that makes us realise that, hey, maybe they’re a really good actual band as much as the world’s best prank band.

Gavin Haynes


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